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Single-family office workshop

FOSS’s single-family office course is an interactive one-day programme about the key issues relating to the establishment and overall governance of a family office. The focus of this educational course is on family communication and control, and on a pragmatic step-by-step transformation from a private investment approach to an institutional one.

Our one-day family office programme is intended for:

  • Families of wealth that are considering the establishment of a single-family office or have recently started that process*; and
  • (Next generation) family members of existing single-family offices who are interested in an independent introduction to the family office topic.

*Foreseen or recently hired senior family office staff may join their family members.


The regularly organised course is held in small groups (ideally several members of a family will join the workshop at the same time) to create an intensive and intimate learning experience. UBP’s premises guarantee a comfortable and private environment.

Spaces are limited and will be assigned according to suitability. The course is organised in English. You can request the full programme, or directly register, by sending the words “family office workshop” in the subject line of an email to: workshop@family-office-advisory.com. Personal meetings on subsequent days for personal analysis and follow-up are always possible.

Place: Union Bancaire Privée, Bahnhofstrasse 1, Zurich, Switzerland.

Due to the Corona-virus our family office workshop is postponed. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to apply for participation, and we’ll inform you as soon as a new date has been decided on.

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